Scalp Wellness For Women

The Starting Point Of Beauty

Nesh believes that a healthy scalp is the foundation of 'wellness'.

The scalp is the starting point for hair and facial skin, laying the foundation for beautiful, voluminous hair and firm, resilient facial skin. Additionally, the scalp is an organ significantly influenced by stress, often reflecting one's mental well-being.

Nesh hopes every woman can indulge in their innate beauty through proper scalp care and maintain their mental well-being.

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Scalp R&D Center for Women

Research and innovation in women's scalp health

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Why did Nash become interested in women's scalp?

Women's hair and scalp are more easily affected by environmental factors than those of men. On average, women tend to have thinner scalps, making them more sensitive to external stimuli. In terms of management, women often undergo frequent hair treatments, use various products, and experience nutritional deficiencies due to frequent dieting, all of which can affect the nutrients essential for hair composition.

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Vegan Microbiome
The Foundation For A Healthy Scalp, Vegan Microbiome.

Nesh focuses on vegan microbiomes as an active ingredient to promote scalp balance, delay scalp aging and reduce hair fall.

Microbiome refers to microbes and their genetic material in our body. A healthy scalp maintains a balance of these microbes, while an unhealthy scalp experiences issues due to an imbalance in its microbial composition.

At our R&D Center for Scalp Health, we conduct research on vegan microbiomes that enhance the scalp environment at a fundamental level. Our ultimate goal is to provide effective solutions for all scalp types.

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Our Promises
For Sustainable Scalp Care & The Environment
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Vegan & Cruelty Free

All our products are EVE VEGAN verified, and cruelty-free.

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Sustainable Packaging

We practice sustainability by using convenient yet easily recyclable packaging and paper materials.

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Clean Formula

We only use CLEAN ingredients that can be used on all skin types.



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